Pet Grass Services



Reclaim Your Yard

Dirty paws, muddy spots and dead grass is the past

Pet Friendly

Our artificial grass for great for pets. It is non-toxic, simple to clean and extremely durable.

Durable Quality

Our artificial grass will not discolor or stain from use and stands up to even the toughest of pets.

No More Messes

Muddy paws, dirty pets, yard digging and dead grass is old news. Enjoy your yard again.

Eco Smart

Our artificial grass saves money in maintenance and watering and uses no pesticides or fertilizers.

Premium Synthetic Grass Provider for Your Pets

Alpha Turf NW is Oregon’s leader in pet grass for dogs and cars. We are official provider and installer of the safest and most efficient artificial grass system for your loved dogs and cats. Our stunning manufactured lawn product, developed by Field Turf, is cleaner, more bright and more convenient than traditional grass. You are now able to have the beauty of real grass without the trouble of time consuming maintenance of your synthetic grass lawn! Our company has the longest lasting turf product for your residence and business. Our turf is protected from fading, tearing and shedding.

Do you want to have the most impressive and highest quality pet lawn in town? Are you tired of endless lawn maintenance and costly repairs. We has the solution for you! Alpha Turf NW is the regional artificial lawn dealer and installer of Field Turf. Field Turf products are the highest quality that you can get. Field turf is know as being the best in quality and innovation for the last 20 years. By installing our innovative grass turf, you are providing your house a solution that cannot be found elsewhere. Superior quality synthetic turf landscaping will give you you with economical and financial gains rather than using common lawn and can help you conserve water. When done the right way, your new artificial grass lawn will be an asset for your property, increasing your property equity by providing an exquisite living space for your house or business.

Oregon Artificial Pet Grass Provider Professionally Installed

When you end up selling your home someday, a artificial grass system from Alpha Turf NW will not just add equity to your home, but can play an visual role within the sale of your home for agents and home buyers. When several homes are being compared, the house with the excellent curb appeal will sell faster. Artificial lawns may increase the observed sq. footage of a lawn and improve your home’s usable areas. People aren’t the only ones who adore synthetic turf lawns, pets of all sizes enjoy turf lawns and pet cleanup is convenient. Our products are completely safe for animals and children. Alpha Turf NW features the most sturdy synthetic grass in the market.

The #1 Choice For Dog Owners

Muddy paws and dirty pets are a thing of the past

Urine drains right through and the grass doesn’t pick up an odor

Our products ares durable, standing up to even the toughest of pets

Our artificial grass for dogs is non-toxic giving you peace of mind

What Are You Waiting For?

You and your pets are going to love having a perfect lawn.
Let us help you transform your landscape into something awesome!