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Your everyday solution for a beautiful trouble-free lawn

Always Perfect

No need for weekly maintenance and watering. Our grass is always soft and beautiful in any climate.

Family Safe

Our grass is perfect for all ages. It is non-toxic, uses no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Clean Backyards

Our artificial grass keeps the house free of tracked in dirt and mud unlike natural grass.

Enviro Friendly

From backyards to rooftops, our artificial turf is an environmentally friendly landscape solution.

Salem Oregon Artificial Synthetic Turf Products

Alpha Turf NW is Salem’s supplier of artificial turf for both commercial and residential landscaping. Our residential artificial turf product, manufactured by Field Turf, is brighter, greener and safer than real grass. Now you’ll be able to get pleasure from the advantages of real grass without the hassle of seeding, repairing, watering, aerating, or mowing your artificial grass yard! We are the providers of the longest enduring turf product for your residence and business. Our turf is resistant to fading, ripping and shedding, our artificial grass is the best you can get.

Do you wish to have the absolute nicest lawn in all of Salem Are you fed up of endless lawn maintenance and expensive repairs. We have the solution for you! Alpha Turf NW is the regional synthetic grass dealer and installer of Field Turf. Field Turf turf has been setting the business normal for artificial turf for longer than twenty years. Quality artificial grass landscaping will give you with much more than a traditional lawn and is an great way of conserving water. When done correctly, your new artificial grass lawn will be an investment for your property, enhancing your lifestyle by providing a great looking and forever living area for your house or business.

Salem Oregon Artificial Grass Installation

When attempting to sell your home, a synthetic grass system from Alpha Turf NW will not only add direct equity to your home, but will play an aesthetic role within the selling of your home for real estate agents and home buyers. When multiple homes are nearly the same in all other aspects, the one with the better curb charm will sell faster. Artificial lawns can increase the perceived square footage of a lawn and add to your house’s usable pace. Realtors grasp that an artificial grass lawn is a major improvement which will facilitate a home sell for extra money than it otherwise would within the current market. Alpha Turf NW provides the greatest sturdy artificial grass within the industry.

Save Up To 70% On Your Water Bill

Our water efficient products save over 32,000,000 gallons of water annually

An Alpha Turf NW water saving lawn reduces residential water use by up to 70%

Our products use no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers that pollute water supplies

Our products utilize recycled car tires and prevent more trash in landfills

What Are You Waiting For?

You can have the best grass in the neighborhood all year long.
Let us help you transform your landscape into something awesome!